About Feed Your Frontline

Healthcare workers are hungry, and getting overwhelmed. Show your support by sending some food.

Introduction to Feed Your Frontline

Bay Area Health Trust, ZingerWD, Dr. Anthony Crocco, Jerome Marrin and SYATT Media have combined their forces and expertise to bring Feed Your Front Lines to the public. This is a service to the healthcare workers, restaurants, and the public in general and the founding companies do not benefit in any way. All donations go directly to the front line workers in need.

Feed Your Front Lines aims to connect restaurants, cafes, and other food providers with healthcare workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic and allow everyone to show their support for these essential healthcare providers and essential workers. These restaurants are also provided with much needed business in this time of crisis through this initiative.

How Can I Participate?

Want to recognize a healthcare team, unit or organization? Simply select a frontline healthcare team or unit and match it with a restaurant that is able to support them. Call the restaurant, let them know you’re helping a frontline, order the food and pay the restaurant directly. Your order will be delivered to the frontline safely and you can support the workers and the restaurant staff.

If you are a restaurant or other food provider, please register your business and you will be included in the list of possible restaurants someone can choose from. Frontline healthcare providers, teams, units or organizations will be registered with details on how you can safely and responsibly provide food to their frontline workers.

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